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Ana "La Rana" Builes

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Jose Gómez


We are a nature, rural and community based tourism agency, in the city of Medellin Colombia.  We have spent more than a year touring the smallest and lest known corners of our region and Colombia, to take travelers to go beyond the traditional tourism routes ¿have you seen our blog? http://www.thetravelingfrog.co 
We have a focus on nature, rurality and culture, always looking to support community tourism projects. We create responsible and sustainable trips and all our actions are aimed at showing a real, local experience and full of new and deep knowledge of the territory that visitors will travel for a few days.

Who are our traveling friends

  • Sensitive people
  • Who want to connect in depth with the others
  • Who want to recognize / know the history of Colombia (focus on memory and conflict)
  • Human beings who want to leave their comfort zone and meet new destinations
  • Human beings who know they are part of nature and want to enjoy it without modifying it
  • If you like words like: identity, memory, ecology, territory, sustainability, co-living, ethnicity, rural life, landscape, forest, jungle, water, community, green
  • If your idea of ​​the best experience is: eat in a traditional kitchen and help with the food, enjoy the scenery from a rural house, learn where the food comes from, walk through the forest identifying plants, bathe in a crystal clear river , chat and have a beer with the local people, listen to how people have come out of conflict with creative proposals, navigate a lake where there is only nature around, a quiet place where you can get in touch with nature, listen to a group of local music playing songs with instruments made with plants, learning how to make a craft, then traveling with the frog is for you.
  • Human beings who value having a hot meal made with love with products that the owner of the house cultivated. Beings who value the efforts of the locals to teach the best of their territories without losing the notion of what they are. Meet other people who strive for conservation and sustainability.

We have walked through different places and we have a shared idea that traveling is an experience of change, of metamorphosis for both the traveler and the host and we want to share with Colombians and foreigners the projects with which we are connected.

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