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Terms and conditions

 Dear traveler
We want to tell you how our service policies, payments and cancellation of experiences works. In this way you will understand our commitments as a company and your responsibility when traveling.

How we like to work?

Anfibio.co takes you to unexplored destinations, where mass tourism has not yet arrived. There you will find beautiful paradises and we have destined for you to live a satisfactory experience

  • Contact with the community
  • Local guides Bilingual guides
  • 4×4 cars
  • Accommodations with various levels of comfort, which will be described in each itinerary
  • Traveling by boat, motor-roller, tuktuk, mules and others that will make your trip safe and comfortable
  • Typical and delicious food so you can get to know Colombia in depth

However, you must remember that travel is subject to changes due to climate, that in some places the infrastructure can be precarious and this leads to modifications in the case of inconveniences with roads, means of transport and / or other social or environmental phenomena that can affect the good development of the activity and where anfibio.co has no influence capacity. In some tours we need a minimum of people to operate with group prices, in the case that the minimums are not met, the activities will be canceled, rescheduled or with a different value agreed with the interested parties.

With regard to the information you give us: 
Remember to check carefully that the information you provide to anfibio.co is correct, in case there are errors and these lead to cost overruns, the additional charges must be borne by the person who made the mistake

​About the payment of activities
To guarantee your reservation on the trip, you must cancel a value of 50% at the time of booking 100% of the value of the experience must be canceled the days anfibio.co considere before the start of the activity
For activities of 1 or 2 days the total of the experience can be canceled on the day of the activity Our quoted rates may suffer changes, these will be notified to the user beforehand, in the case that the traveler wants to desist from the trip at the time of notification will be a refund of 100% of what has already been canceled

And what happens if you cancel the trip?
Remember that anfio.co works with providers who must pay to reserve the service, each of them has its own policies, so what we will list below may be subject to variations. For 1 day experiences they require a 25% payment and on this value they will be given a 50% refund if they give notice 12 hours before the start of the experience (does not apply for groups) Cancellations before 5 days of the beginning of the trip, will have a fine of 20% on the total value to pay Cancellations between 5 days before the start of the trip, will have a refund of 50% of the total to pay cancellation or change of reservation due to force majeure justified: in case of illness or death of the traveler, amphibio.co will make a refund of 100% of the value of the trip, the notification must be made 12 hours before the beginning of the experience by sending an email with the necessary information.

What you should keep in mind when paying:
​The prices are reported in US dollars but will be settled in pesos according to the market representative rate (TRM) on the date that the payment was made. You can pay with consignment to the savings account Bancolombia 10022185343 in the name of Ana Maria Builes with ID 32244211 Once the payment is made, you must send us a copy of the deposit to our email contacto@anfibio.co We hope you enjoy traveling to the depths of Colombia with amphibio.co We invite you to discover what you should do as a traveler to contribute to the sustainable development of tourism in Colombia. Any questions or concerns you may have about your itinerary or the information contained here do not hesitate to contact us, through the chat on the website, in our email or in our service lines: (57) 3113903491 – (57) 3113909764

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