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Whales, community-based tourism and Petronio Álvarez festival. Travel deep in the Cauca Valley

  • Thurstday 15th to monday 19th of august of 2019
  • 4 nights 4 days
  • Price per person: $1.350.000 COP 
  • Small group

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Enjoy the real ethno-tourism and ecotourism by visiting the small island of La Plata located in the furthest corner of Bahía Málaga in the Uramba National Natural Park. Enjoy a stay surrounded by a calm sea, lush jungle and mangrove forests. Refresh in powerful waterfalls that descend forming natural pools in the rock and do not miss the opportunity to do the daily activities that the locals do as: fishing, piangua harvesting and Naidí harvest. Visit community tourism projects in rural communities near Buenaventura, wet forest landscapes and crystal rivers.. Share the energy of traditional Pacific music at the Petronio Alvarez festival in the city of Cali. This is a trip that will stay forever in your heart, this is true community-based tourism.

  • Bilingual guide throughout the experience
  • Private transportation Cali – Buenaventura round trip (2.5 hours)
  • Transportation Buenaventura – Juanchaco – La Plata round trip (2 hours)
  • Food the days of the stay in the island of La Plata (lunch and dinner day 1, all meals day 2 and breakfast day 3)
  • Coffee available
  • Tasting of seasonal products from the forest or mangrove
  • 1 whale sightings
  • El morro natural pools tour
  • Piangua pickup tour
  • Free kayak during the whole time of the stay
  • Transportation in Las Brujitas around the old railroad to get to San Cipriano
  • Entrance to the San Cipriano nature reserve
  • Lunch day 3
  • 2 nights accommodation in a shared room at Hostal Encuentro in the San Antonio neighborhood of Cali including breakfast on the 4th and 5th.
  • Round trip transportation to the Petronio Álvarez festival from the accommodation
  • Travel insurance during the entire stay
  • Notes Isla de la Plata in Bahía Málaga:
  • Lodging in a native cabin: multiple accommodation 4 people per room in a cabin, each bed has comfortable mattresses, bedding and mosquito nets. The cabin is made of materials from the area and is located in the middle of the village, so we can share the experience in a more profound way with the inhabitants of the place.
  • The sanitary services: they are shared and very clean, the water is rainy and there is good availability but the resource must have a good use
  • Food is based on fishing, plantain, rice salads and other products of the ecosystem – See photos on the blog
  • The luxury of being in this place, is that you will be isolated from the tourist infrastructure and surrounded by pristine and well preserved nature. Few humans arrive there, accessing and sharing with those who care for the territory is a privilege.
  • Transportation of origin place to Cali roundtrip
  • Other tours available on the island of La Plata such as: cascade serpent, cascade ostional, trail toucans, planckton light
  • Breakfast day 1 – Lunch day 3 – Lunch and dinner day 4
  • Personal expenses
  • Expenses not stipulated
  • This experience is Good for: families with children from 10 years old and up, groups of friends, students, adults
  • Not suitable for people with reduced mobility, chronic diseases or fear of water due to difficult access to accommodation
  • Difficulty: medium low – more than 3 hours by boat, short walks
  • Clothing and equipment: sun block, shoes for walking in humidity and / or plastic boots, lamp, rain plastic, camera and humidity protector for camera,
  • Language: Spanish – English
  • Time and date of beginning in Cali: Thursday August 15 Transport terminal 5:30 a.m.
  • End time: Monday August 19

The accommodation

Isla de La Plata Uramba - Bahía Málaga

Calí - Valle del Cauca

Photos: google.com


Day 1 - Wednesday august 14th

Day 2 - Thursday august 15th

Departure at 6:30 a.m. from the Cali terminal to Buenaventura in small 10-passenger buses Travel during 2.5 hours of trip by land we arrive at Buenaventura where a boat will be waiting for us in the dock After 1 hour of travel, arrive at the port of Juanchaco from where we will make the first sighting of whales, then enjoy a delicious lunch in the community of Juanchaco Embark to La Plata, an additional hour separates you from this fishing island Say hello to the residents and settle into the accommodation, enjoy making friends and listening to stories If you have disposition and you wish you can take some of the optional tours in the afternoon Prepare yourself if there is no moon to live a luminous plankton experience in the kayaks that are available for when you want to use them or simply relax in the place talking with the locals.

Day 3 - Friday august 16th

Sunsets and sunrises in Las Plata are something you should do, get up early and with a coffee enjoy the arrival and departure of people on the dock
Have breakfast and live the adventure for 4 tours that will take you deep into the bay to the El Morro trail and depending on the tide to catch the piangua, a subsistence activity that takes place daily on the island.
Enjoy in the afternoon with locals or paddling around the island in a kayak
Remember that plankton sighting is optional and has an additional cost

Day 4 - Saturday august 17th

Get ready for an early awakening, you must be ready at the pier of Juanchaco at 8 am to take the boat that will take you to Buenaventura In Buenaventura we will be waiting for a traditional transport or "jipeto". We will go deep to the rural good fortune, full of humid forest, rivers and waterfalls to know a process of community tourism and enjoy a corner of Colombia with a lot of "peaceful" potential. Learn with traditional knowledge and enjoy a lunch prepared by the people of the village Retake the vehicle at 5 in the afternoon to return to Cali, after 2 hours on the road rest in the accommodation we have chosen for this experience, a comfortable and very clean hostel in one of the places with more history of Cali, the neighborhood San Antonio The night will be free so you can rest or go out and have a drink in the neighborhood

Day 5 - Sunday august 18th

During the day there is a series of activities that are freely available, if you wish you can rest to prepare for the party that awaits us at the Festival Petronio Álvarez or if you prefer to take the day to tour Cali, we will recommend some of the destinations within of the city that we have selected for you. The Petronio Álvarez Festival has programming throughout the day so if you wish you can arrive earlier to attend the academic event. We invite you to follow the schedule of the event for August 18.
At 6 o'clock in the afternoon we will pick up the transport to get to the Coliseo del Pueblo, we will be there until 1 o'clock in the morning enjoying the food and music of the Pacific.
1 am. we returned to the Hostal Casa Encuentro lodging

Day 6 - Monday august 19th

Get up early to have breakfast and depending on the time you depart, enjoy the last day of the festival or ask us about other activities to do within the city of Cali according to your preferences.
If you go by bus, we recommend you travel early because the trip lasts 10 hours or take the bolivariano express duobus where you can rest In the bus your first class to arrive directly on Tuesday at your place of work

The experiences

Whale watching and ecotourism in Valle del Cauca rainforest

Rural experience 1 hour from Buenaventura "El tatabro mágico"

​​​Buenaventura es mucho más que un puerto donde transitan mercancía y noticias que a nivel nacional a veces son muy violentas. Hay historias llenas de paisajes y esperanza en lo profundo de sus selvas. Por 1 hora nos adentraremos en el pácifico rural, donde se siembra y se vive del río. Los habitantes de la vereda el llano, llevan algún tiempo preparándose para ofrecer un ecoturismo de alta calidad en su territorio, ellos serán nuestros guías y nos compartirán sus conocimientos ancestrales 

Foto: facebook tatabro mágico
Foto: medium.com mujeres que siembran futuro

Petronio Álvarez Festival

If you have never heard about the most important festival in the Colombian Pacific, we invite you to read this complete report that Rural Week, which will allow you to understand, why you should not miss this appointment. Join our trip and discover the culture, gastronomy and music of the peoples that inhabit one of the most biodiverse areas in the world. Do not stay without dancing without trying the viche and the Birimbi, without listening to the lullabies and the praises. This is an arrechera, total reburú.

Por: Gerardo Quintero

Fotos: diferentes medios del país

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