...Ana's offer caught my eye because it was aimed at taking the path less traveled and connecting on a more personal level with your guide and the places you visited. Ana picks you up at your hotel. There is a significant drive to and from the tour area, about three hours each way. My one concern was that this time would be boring; however, Ana filled the ride with conversation about Medellin and Colombia in general, as well as our destination and plans for the day. She has a very deep knowledge of the history of the region, and expanded my understanding of the struggles the people have faced. Ana took time as well to find out more about me and the other members of the group, and to share with us her vision for sustainable and meaningful tourism with the company she is building. The entire ride was fascinating and enjoyable. Guatape and Piedra del Penol exceeded expectations, particularly because we went on a weekday and arrived early enough to virtually have the place to ourselves. Afterwards, we descended into the valley of San Rafael and Ana brought us to a delicious lunch at a rustic ecolodge; she knew the owners personally and shared some of their story with us. Then she led us on a short, easy hike to a secluded swimming grotto in a nearby river. On the way we saw monkeys, beautiful birds, and even a turtle. On the way back to Medellin we were a bit quieter as we relived some of the things we had seen, but Ana once again rallied us and got us talking (and thinking) about the challenge of showing beautiful places to people without spoiling them or allowing them to be overrun. It was truly a wonderful day; Ana is so genuine and thoughtful, and easy to connect with. She also does other tours, in the city and in other areas of Colombia. Be sure to ask her about those as well. Highly recommend.
Epping, New Hampshire
Ana took us to a number of great places. We went to Jardín where we did an 8 hour hike through the jungle. We saw all kinds of nature, plants & animals there. From giant leafs, almost being chased of the path by cows and birds up in the trees and amazing waterfalls. The surroundings where sometimes literally breathtaking with the climbing and wading through the rivers. After driving us around, singing along shamelessly to raggaeton music we also went to San Rafael. We stayed at a great bed and breakfast where Anita was an amazing host and chef. We saw a lot of birds and luckily the next day Winston went along with his extensive book of birds. We took a refreshing bath in the river there and the next stay slept in a nature reserve between again amazing nature. The fact that the roosters started their loud fights at 5am the next morning I guess was part of the charm . We want to thank Ana for the great trip and taking us to places we wouldn't have visted otherwise. We would do it all again in a heartbeat..
Mike Stuart
Amazing experience! Highly recommend for anyone looking to get off the beaten path and learn about Medellin. The outdoor excursion was so much fun and definitely felt like a special experience not many tourists get to have. Visiting and eating at the ecological lodging was great to contextualize the area we were visiting alongside its history. Made our visit much more special. Ana was so personable and a breeze to talk to from the moment we met. She was genuinely intrigued to get to know the group and made sure to point out notable stories, fauna, and features in the landscape.
Los Ángeles, California
We can confidently say that this was the best tour we've ever gone on! First time using AirBnB for experiences and what an amazing first experience. Ana was punctual with starting the tour, went out of her way to pick us up, was extremely knowledgeable about the places we visited and everything she shared was super interesting. We loved every part of the experience from La Piedra de Penol, to Guatape, to the drive to and from San Rafael. We had a delicious lunch and got to enjoy being out in nature. The waterfall in San Rafael we visited was incredible as well as the hike through the river to get there. Would highly recommend this tour to anyone who's looking for a good time with an amazing tour guide!
If you’re looking for an experience you’ll never forget, look no further. Ana is an incredible guide who will take you off the beaten path and truly immerse you in with Colombian history/culture. More than that, she is very personable and is vested in making sure you enjoy your time. This unique experience is different than any tours offered in Guatape. The nature, the lunch, it felt like being shown an insider’s tour to the region with a long time friend. HIGHLY recommended
New York
This was such an amazing experience. I would say it is an absolute must and it was by far the highlight of our trip to Colombia. We had actually asked her to modify the trip by stoping at the big rock for us to climb-she happily did this for us-but at the end we wished we followed her itinerary because we’re we went after was so great that we wished we had more time with her. She has such a great personality and even the car ride was entertaining. HIGHLY recommend prioritizing this into your trip. This is a must do! Thanks Ana!
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