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Antioquia – Andean region



Medellín is a city in constant transformation, it is an urban laboratory where projects of social transformation are everywhere for you to learn from them. We invite you to go through the neighborhoods, talk with the people, discover how we past from being the most violent city in the world to become a center for urbanism, resilience, opportunities and education. The work is not finished, but there is much to show, let us be your guide in experiences full of reflection and mutual learning “As a matter of fact, Medellin is considered a success only because all the stakeholders, grouped around the public, private and citizen sectors, understood the value of defending its existence. Pursuing the dream of improving the city they already had, rather than tearing it down by declaring it a failure, was the main way of defending the potential they dreamt of fulfilling. Instead, what this Colombian city proved is that cities are merely victims of the lack of innovative creative thinking by the individuals and institutions responsible for their transformation.” WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM 

Enjoy 2 hours with a local guide in the neighborhood Moravia, share with the woman that are making a difference by working with plants where there used to be a place full with rubbish. Visit the “centro cultural moravia” and learn how the community has work together to overcome the challenges to build a better society through botany and culture.


  • Bilingual guide
  • Local guide in Moravia neighborhood and donation for a local community project
  • Metro ticket

# pax

PRICE USD (per pax)

 2 – 8


Ask us for a full day tour, we´ll design an itinerary that best suits your interest in the city. 

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