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Pacific region: beach, rivers & rainforest

  • Saturday, thursday 9  to Sunday 12, 2020
  • 3 nights 4 days
  • Value: $ 1,350,000 COP
  • Small Group
    This trip is available at all times for private tours, write us!

0 meters over sea level – landscapes, mangroves, African traditions, music, nature, wet forest, kayaking, fishing, bird watching, piangua gathering, whale and turtle watching

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Enjoy true ethno-tourism and ecotourism by visiting the small island of La Plata located in the furthest corner of Bahía Málaga in the Uramba National Natural Park. Enjoy a stay surrounded by a calm sea, lush jungle and mangrove forests. Meet the whales yubartas if you travel from July to November. Cool down in powerful waterfalls that descend forming natural pools in the rock and do not miss the opportunity to carry out the activities of the locals such as: fishing, piangua harvesting and Naidí harvest. Travel in Los Brujitas along the railway lines in the town of San Ciprinao and enjoy transparent rivers that descend from the western mountain range with the community of Venado and Llano Bajo very close to Buenaventura. Share the energy of traditional Pacific music at the Petronio Alvarez festival if you travel in August in the city of Calí. This is a trip that will stay forever in your heart, this is true community-based tourism.

  • Public transportation Medellín – Cali – Medellín
  • Bilingual guide throughout the experience
  • Private transportation Cali – Buenaventura round trip (2.5 hours)
  • Transportation Buenaventura – Juanchaco – La Plata round trip (2 hours)
  • Meals on the days of the stay in Isla de la Plata (Dinner and lunch day 1, all meals day 2 and breakfast day 3)
  • Coffee available
  • Tasting of seasonal
  • forest or mangrove products
  • El morro natural pools tour
  • Piangua pickup tour
  • Free kayaking during the entire stay
  • Tour with the community of Llano Bajo in the rural area of Buenaventura (community-based tourism)
  • Transportation in Las Brujitas (motorriel by old train track)
  • Entrance to the San Cipriano nature reserve and accommodation 2 nights, activities and meals
  • Visit community the Deer,
  • hydrosenderismo by humid forest and feeding
  • Accommodation 1 nights in a shared room at Hostal La Pajara Pinta in the San Antonio neighborhood of Calí includes breakfast
  • Free day to get to know Calí before finishing the trip
    Travel insurance during the entire stay
  • Other tours available on the island of La Plata such as: Sierpe waterfall, ostional waterfall, toucans trail, bright planckton
  • Breakfast day 1 –
  • Lunch day 6 and breakfast, lunch and dinner day 7
  • Personal expenses
  • Expenses not stipulated
  • Good for: families with children from 10 years old, groups of friends, students, adults
  • Not suitable for people with reduced mobility, chronic diseases or fear of water due to difficult access to accommodation
  • Difficulty: medium low – more than 3 hours by boat, short walks
  • Clothing and equipment: sunscreen, moisture walking shoes and / or plastic boots, lamp, rain plastic, camera and camera moisture protector,
  • Language: Spanish – English
  • Start time and date in Cali: Friday, february 29 2020 Transportation terminal 5:30 a.m.
  • End time: Wednesday, March 4, 2020, transport terminal 8:00 p.m.


Isla de La Plata Uramba - Bahía Málaga

Calí - Valle del Cauca

Fotos: google.com


Day 1 - Thusday, April 9

Remember that you must be very early in the main bus terminal in Cali on Saturday, March 21, so we recommend you to sleep in the city or take a bus in the afternoon - night from your place of origin. The anfibio.co guide will travel on Thursday, March 21 in “Expreso Bolivariano” bus line at 8:00 p.m. in the duobus, in case a larger group is organized, a private bus will be rent by agreement. Departure at 6:30 a.m. from the Cali terminal to Buenaventura by private transport. Travel 2.5 hours overland to Buenaventura where a boat will be waiting for you. After 1 hour of travel, arrive at the port of Juanchaco, Embark to La Plata, 1 additional hour separates you from this island of fishermen and conservationist. Greet the villagers and settle in the accommodation, enjoy making friends and listening to stories of the villagers. In the afternoon we will have our first experience of nature in the place.

Dat 2 - Friday, April 10

Get ready for a day full of adventures, touring the Uramba National Park in the company of local guides, waterfalls, natural pools and knowledge of the native flora of the mangrove ecosystem and the humid forest ecosystem will be the perfect setting to learn about the Colombian Pacific. At night, learn about the community processes that have led this place to be a leader in this type of tourism in Colombia and learn about the flavors and musical knowledge of this corner of Bahía Málaga

Day 3 - Saturday, April 11

Say goodbye in the morning hours of the small island of La Plata to return to Buenaventura and have a day full of new knowledge in the rural area of Buenaventura, visiting the community of Venado Verde. Walk the crystal clear waters of the ravine that bears his name and learn about community efforts to preserve this beautiful place. Multicolored stones, palms of many varieties and an amazing waterfall will be the attractions that this route has. The day ends in the city of Cali, resting in a cozy hostel that we have selected for the stay in the iconic San Antonio neighborhood. Enjoy touring the streets and testing the gastronomic offer of this place

Day 4 - Sunday, April 12

Enjoy a free day in the beautiful city of Cali, to know its culture and gastronomy we suggest you travel by bicycle.

The experiences

Ecotourism in the Colombian Pacific Ocean

Rural experience Llano Bajo, Cosetur

Buenaventura is much more than a port where merchandise and news travel, which at national level are sometimes very violent. There are stories full of landscapes and hope deep in its forests. For 1 hour we will enter the rural area, where the river is sown and lived. the inhabitants have been preparing for some time to offer high quality ecotourism in their territory, they will be our guides and share their ancestral knowledge

Travel in "las brujitas" in San Cipriano and sleep in sustainable cabins in the jungle.

San Cipriano has quickly become one of the places of greatest ecotourism interest in this area of ​​Buenaventura. Enjoy the Brujitas (motorriel on the old railway) and experiences as a tubbing in the crystalline rivers of this place. Enjoy sleeping two days in sustainable cabins, built thinking of the full enjoyment of nature

  • Recuerda que el viaje está sujeto a un número mínimo de participantes. En caso de no lograrse se organizará una nueva fecha
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